Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching answers the questions: “Why do I always do this with money? How do I change and reach my goals?”

By tackling the root cause of negative money behaviors we create meaningful, lifelong change in our finances. One to one Financial Coaching, in person or online, means Mary works with you to identify your money habits, and turns them to your advantage. A poor relationship with money can have a hugely detrimental impact on our financial futures, and Mary can help you move forward with no guilt, no shame and most importantly, no fear.  


Will Writing

Wills are essential to make sure loved ones inherit your estate in a timely and tax efficient way. Also, of huge importance is setting up a will properly to address who should look after your children if you die while they are still dependent on you.  

Discovery Call

Mary offers a free Discovery Call to discuss what you need help with. By outlining and understanding where you are vs where you want to be, Mary can then suggest which of her services will help you to achieve your goals. 

The Financial Coaching is either either a rolling course or a block booking of 6 sessions, whatever best suits the needs of the client. In both cases, there is agreement on the financial goal and Mary works with the client until the goal is achieved.

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Post-traumatic financial coaching

How we behave with money is particularly impacted by trauma, especially childhood trauma. People who have experienced trauma as a child are much more likely to have negative financial outcomes later in life. There are many influencing factors but we are now discovering this is a direct legacy of the trauma its self- a damaged relationship with money.

As a trauma experienced coaching practitioner, with a unique empathy for trauma and experience of financial coaching I am able to explore this with you in a safe, trauma informed way. To bring the financial healing you need after trauma.

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