About Mary

Hi there, I’m Mary! 

I’m a Certified Financial Coach and I have 10 years experience in Financial Services where I am also a multi-award winning Financial Adviser. 

Fearless Financial is my Financial Coaching service where I can work with you to tackle and change your core beliefs about money; which then equips you for a more positive financial future.

You may not know it but we all have a relationship with money, one that informs every financial and business decision we make. It is our relationship with money that dictates our future financial success. In my career as a Financial Adviser the main reason I see people not reach their goals is because of their relationship with money- not because of the financial plan its self. 

My style of Financial Coaching seeks to heal your relationship with money so you can move forward, without fear, and reach all your financial goals. 

Trust me, I’ve done it myself…


I used to be a Financial Adviser with a messed up relationship with money. I was great with other people’s finances but my own were a mess! 

Financial education obviously wasn’t an issue, I had a good income and a successful business… So why was I having sleepless nights about money? Feeling guilt, shame and panic? 

My relationship with money needed understanding and healing through financial coaching. 


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Through training as a Certified Financial Coach I learnt the skills to help others but also created space and understanding to heal myself. Here are a couple of lightening bolt insights I figured out through coaching:

  • Money was a tool I used to show love and to keep people around me- when the bank account was empty there was no love.
  • I grew up with very little money, so being successful actually made me feel a sense of shame. I gave money away to keep me unsuccessful.
  • I didn’t have a spending or earning problem, I had a self-esteem problem. 

Financial Coaching isn’t actually about the money, it helps you fix your relationship with money for the brighter, more fearless, financial future that you deserve.

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